Exercise Therapy

Exercise therapy uses a planned regimen of physical activities such as stretching or strengthening to reach particular therapeutic goals. The intended outcome of this type of therapy is to reduce pain and to restore proper musculoskeletal function. It is our belief that every treatment plan should hold therapeutic exercise as a primary facet to help you in your recovery.


Manual Therapy

In the discipline of physiotherapy, manual therapists are trained to identify and diagnose restrictions in movement in the spine, arms, and legs. Through graded, hands-on techniques our therapists can help reduce muscle tightness and pain, improve joint movement, and generally improve function.



Functional Dry Needling or Intramuscular Stimulation is a technique using fine needles to assist your body in resolving tension or facilitate more action. As a result it can assist in providing pain relief from strains, sprains, and nerve irritation or be used to assist in muscle retraining. This highly popular therapy is available at Fort Physio upon consultation with your therapist.


Sport Specific Assessment

A sport specific assessment allows your physiotherapist to perform a musculoskeletal screening and injury assessment to help improve your performance and reduce injury in a specific sports discipline. Using this information your physio can help improve your movement and technique through a plan tailored to your needs as an athlete.


Motor Vehicle Accidents

We know that each accident is unique so our therapists collaborate with each client to create a specific treatment plan. If your accident happened within the previous 3 months you are approved for 20 physiotherapy treatment sessions through ICBC. If the accident happened more than 3 months ago, please contact the office directly to book an appointment. 

Therapeutic Taping

Taping in physiotherapy uses specialized tape on the skin to stabilize muscles and bones. This can be used prior to intense physical activity, after an injury or even for general support. It is an effective treatment to relieve pain and stabilize joints.


Concussion Rehab

Coming soon... pre-concussion screening through HeadCheck Health.



Vestibular Therapy

Assessment and treatment of vestibular vertigo and dizziness including all variances of BPPV. Did you know that vertigo is a specific subset of dizziness, in which one will feel as though the environment around them is moving even though it shouldn't be. Does this sounds familiar? Book with our vestibular therapist, Blake Clarke. 


Movement is everything