Beat the heat: Working out in hot weather


The summer heat is upon us! The Lower Mainland summer is hard to beat and while the sunshine makes getting outside easier, it also poses a risk for heat stroke or over-exhaustion! We want to help you exercise and move smarter, so here are some reminders for what to consider before heading outside.


Firstly, plan your route. Often, heat stroke happens when you’re outside for too long, in direct sunshine for prolonged periods of time, or simply over-exercising. If you plan a route that is in the shade, you can lessen your risk of overheating!


Tips for planning your route:

  • Is there shade? This is key! Pick a path with trees or a covering that can protect you, otherwise make sure you’ve got a hat and sunglasses on.

  • If there is no place for shade, beat the heat by exercising early in the morning or later in the evening when the sun’s heat isn’t as strong.

  • Can you take breaks along the way? Listen to your body and don’t over-do it.

  • Lather up! Sunscreen is important.


Secondly, you’ve got to hydrate! We love talking about this here at Fort Physio. Hydration is vital in the summer. It obviously goes without saying, but when you’re hot and sweaty, you need water. Water does much more than quench our thirst… it lubricates our joints and helps bring vital nutrients to areas in our body!


Tips for making sure you drink lots of water:

  • Look at your activity – do you have the capacity to pack one more water bottle?

  • Think about timing – can you drink water the night before or the morning of to ensure you are fully hydrated?

  • Set your timer if you’re really stuck on getting enough – take a sip every fifteen minutes!


Finally, don’t forget a warmup! When it’s hot outside, we might think that our muscles are already warm, when in reality they still need that warm-up movement prior to any high-impact exercise.


Tips for warming up:

  • Can you do some sort of cardio? It doesn’t have to be anything crazy, but a few minutes on the bike or the trails to get your blood pumping!

  • Pick three or four dynamic stretches that you love and do those! You’ll be more inclined to do stretches that make you feel good versus stretches that feel like a chore.

  • Ask a friend to go with you. This buddy system keeps you accountable to warm up and helps your friend out too.


Now go have some fun in this summer heat, Fort Fam!

Robbie de Fleuriot