Workout tips from home


It’s a blizzard outside. Or maybe it’s raining cats and dogs. Regardless, there’s no way you’re venturing out into the unknown that is the outdoors, and the gym down the street probably doesn’t have any power. You’re hooped, and you know you’ll feel in a funk if you don’t get your workout in. Here are some practical tips for moving around the home.


First off, crack a window. You’re bound to sweat.


This is the perfect time to focus on doing movements correctly. You aren’t distracted by the noise and lights, you’re in your own home.

1. Consider what you are missing from the gym or being outside. If you’re missing a run, consider a treadmill. Or a bike. Or an elliptical. Don’t have one of those? What can you do that was inside the gym anyways? Think about shifting around your workout schedule for the week or swapping a day that you wouldn’t usually work out.

2. Use your own bodyweight for movement. There is a wide range of difficulty and intensity of body weight exercises, no matter what level you are at. Ask your physiotherapist or trainer how!

3. If you do end up shifting your week around, consider a stretching session. Tips for stretching are as follows:

  • Hold your stretch 30 seconds to 1 minute. The key is to start gentle and slowly ease into it.
  • Pick a target area – what is hurting, what should you avoid, what might help you for your other workouts down the road? Stretches should not hurt.

4. If all else fails, you might as well brave the weather anyways. There are always ways to make sure you get your workout in.

5. Hop on YouTube – there are tons of beginner to advance yoga, tabattas, Pilates and workout videos that you can try at home.

6. As with all new things, start slow with new exercises and listen to your body! You can always make it more difficult the next time.

7. A great way to work out at home is to create your own circuit with a balance of some stretching and some strengthening or cardio exercises.

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Photo by Crew on Unsplash