The Student Life – Tips and Tricks to Avoid Back Pain


You’re a student – you spend most of your time in the classroom, and when you’re not learning, you’re either in the library, trying to exercise in the gym or hanging out with friends. Your lifestyle is so unique in that you most likely won’t ever encounter life like this again (unless you go on for more schooling).

The fact is, being a student can be tough on your body. Most of how you function as a student can have a big effect on your posture. Consider these tips and tricks:

  1. What is better than the other? If you’ve been sitting all day, try standing up. If you’ve been standing, try going for a run. If you can’t go for a run, try a short walk. Always try to improve to the next best thing.
  2. Seek out a posture-supporting chair – often libraries have old chairs and insufficient space for work. Either find a space that has both of these things, purchase your own chair, or bring a cushion, pillow or rolled towel to prop up against the chair to support your lumbar spine. Enough space means that you won’t be crammed too!
  3. When you are sitting, focus on:
    • Your feet flat on the ground
    • Hips level or slightly above your knees
    • Shoulders at a natural level (not forced upwards in a shrugging motion)
  4. The height of your desk and computer should be so that you can look into the monitor without having to crane your neck upwards or downwards.
  5. Try standing to study, even for an hour! Find a counter space and avoid leaning forwards on the counter or to one side on one foot. Embrace an even stance with knees slightly bent.
  6. Take breaks! Always be listening to your body.
  7. Get up and go for a walk or stretch – even if it’s in the library. Your body will thank you later!